Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Clothing and Common Sense

Right or wrong, the way you dress is seen as a reflection of who you are and what you’re trying to prove. Imagine you’re interviewing candidates for a position opening up in your workplace. Your first interviewee arrives dressed in jeans and wrinkled oxford shirt. Your immediate thought is “Where’s his suit? I’ve never interviewed anyone dressed so casually.” Now, you might like this casualness about him or you might think he’s a real ding dong for not making more of an effort. The point is, you’ve already made a huge assumption about his personality based on his outfit.

Candidate number two enters dressed in a suit two sizes too large, which makes him look like a childlike and sloppy. Again, your mind jumps to conclusions as you think, “This guy doesn’t even know to buy a suit that fits!” You might pity him and give him a break or you might think that he couldn’t possibly handle the details of your office if he can’t dress himself decently. But again, his clothes have sent a message all their own.

Your third candidate shows up dressed in what appears to be a custom-made suit, leading you to believe that this man is either already very successful or that he knows what it takes to ascend the corporate ladder. You think, “He has a real eye for detail,” which makes you believe he could be an asset to the company.

Of course, an employee cannot survive simply by wearing his clothing well. Each of these men will also display certain body language characteristics. Some of these gestures may suggest extreme confidence; other may betray serious self-doubts. You’ll view these gestures through the lens of your own judgment – and that judgment begins the moment you lay eyes on the men.

The followings are some tips to prepare the interviewees for their next interview. (9GAG.COM)

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